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Window cleaning spotlight on Craig Berndsen from Sunshine Coast Mobile Cleaning

Each month we’ll feature an interview with one of our great industry’s finest. This month the spotlight shines to the beautiful Sunshine Coast, on Craig Berndsen from Sunshine Coast Mobile Cleaning. You can check out Craig’s website here

Hi Craig, tell us a little bit about yourself and your business.

Just 2 years ago we made a lifestyle change from Sydney to the Sunshine Coast. I have family up here and we knew it was for us a better environment with our 2 girls starting school.

Why did you decide to venture into window cleaning, and how did you get your start?

After 12 years in real estate sales it wasn’t the expected role change but I wanted to experience something different for some fresh energy and to start my own company. This offers flexibility with more family time. I sub-contracted to another company briefly moving here doing window & pressure cleaning and I seen huge potential in setting up my own business.

You’ve been able to successfully build your business quickly. Are there any principles or values that the business lives by?

From the outset I was very conscious of how I wanted my business to look and function and grow from a marketing perspective. Social Media, website, customer reviews, referrals and targeted marketing gave a lot of momentum and now it’s already heavily repeat and referral based. For me it’s very important for a potential customer to see genuine positive feedback and trust. My career in real estate sales helped this having managed a database of 3000 customers and having sold over 500 properties.

You’re based in one of the most stunning parts of the world, full of rental accommodation that needs regular cleaning, so no doubt it can get pretty competitive there. Have you got any marketing/business tips for new window cleaning businesses or businesses looking to grow?

It’s important to build a brand -think how you want it look and what kind of customers you want to attract. I showcase a large photo gallery of recent work which helps gain credibility.

What’s a window cleaning tool you can’t live without?

My trusty wagtail 18 inch squeegee and water fed pole!

Working on the Sunshine Coast, outside, I imagine there are a lot of positives doing what you do! What are some of the best aspects of the job?

It’s the best – we get a fantastic climate up here and any given day I’ll be near the beach or hinterland which offers a tropical rainforest environment. Most tradies up here carry their surfboards on their utes and if the surf’s up their tools are down lol

And the worst?

Jobs requiring roof access in Summer – it can get very humid which takes some adjusting.

Are you a music or radio in the ears man, or do you just listen to nature (if music, what are you listening to)?

Got to have my daily dose of Bob Marley & Fleetwood Mac on the playlist and Triple J hottest 100s.

Any pointers you could offer to someone starting up in the profession?

Invest in the right equipment and practice until you are confident to deliver a professional job, then go out there and market yourself/company. They say it takes a couple of years to get things moving I think it’s faster if you are keen to get results.

Thanks a lot, Craig. Best wishes for the year ahead.