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Window Cleaning Kits: What’s Included?

If you’re starting a new cleaning business, you’re probably going to have a variety of services. One upgrade you might consider would be to clean the windows (inside and outside). It’s something that most businesses and homeowners don’t want to deal with, so it’s possible to make a lot of good money. However, you might be unfamiliar with the products available or what to buy. Window cleaning kits take the guesswork out of it all. They come with just about everything you’ll need to get going and get your business off the ground.

Window cleaning kits usually come in an outdoor version (Ettore) and indoor option (Unger). That way, you have the right materials and products to do the job right, regardless of whether it’s the exterior or interior windows. The kit may vary based on the brand or option you choose, but each one is likely to include a pole, squeegee, microfibre pads and holder, cleaning solution (or a bottle that can be filled with the cleaner you prefer), and much more. Some of them focus on extension poles so that you can clean high windows without having to get on the ladder as much.

WWWCS (World Wide Window Cleaning Supplies) has a variety of window cleaning kits available for purchase. They’re marked by indoor and outdoor selections, which helps you determine what types of products you’ll need to clean the inside or exterior windows. It’s a helpful way to get everything you need in one go because you just add the entire kit to your cart and know that you have what you require. You can always replace things as needed or upgrade them as you get going with the business and find out what you prefer and what your employees like to use. Check out the seven kits available online today!