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The Advantages of Using Aero Poles

Modern window cleaning equipment and methodology are very different from what it was in the not too distant past. With the innovative new equipment available, the industry is far healthier than in the past. Window cleaning is a real business, not just a couple of people equipped with a bucket, a squeegee, and a bottle of dishwashing liquid. One of the more innovative tools to be introduced is water fed poles. Aero poles allow the window-washing pro to clean higher, clean faster and clean better, all without having to carry ladders around. Water fed poles fitted with a brush use pure water from a DI or RO system to clean the windows.

Water fed poles are used to clean external windows on buildings as high as eight stories. Professionals use them regardless of the window location. They do so because the water used is pure, having been treated by deionisation or reverse osmosis. Water, which has been subjected to DI or RO, dries without streaking, eliminating the need for a squeegee. Not only are the results better, the job is also far more thorough as opposed to manual washing using a sponge or squeegee. Because of the many benefits, most professional window washers are converting to Aero poles.

Accessing hard-to-reach windows used to be dangerous and time consuming. World Wide Window Cleaning Supplies have solved this problem by introducing water fed poles to the Southern Hemisphere market. Using water fed poles provides the cleaning professional access to high windows, without having to leave the ground. Water fed poles, regardless of length are light, efficient, and easy to use. The fact that the cleaner does not have to negotiate ladders, and the equipment is light, means more work can be done in less time. Anyone in business knows time is money. Using Aero poles in your business is a great way for window washers to operate at maximum speed and efficiency.

What makes Aero poles stand out from the pack?
– Kevlar wear pads under clamping points, extending the life of sections and clamps
– Highest strength-to-weight ratio of any poles on the market
– Different carbon contents for any budge
– Build up the pole with extensions or break it down for low work. One pole for everything
– Ability to use the poles for pressure washing at heights
– Bolted, not glued, clamps