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Cleaning windows since 1994 , Specialised Window Cleaners is a insured professional service company servicing Hobart and surrounds. We firmly believe that our service is the best service and would love to show you why.

From single unit apartment buildings to the most extravagant hillside homes to towering commercial high rise buildings Specialised Window Cleaners has cleaned them all!

We operate EVERYWHERE! From Taroona, to Port Arthur, Hobart to Launceston, Coles Bay to Queenstown and everywhere in between.

All of our staff have been trained extensively in the latest safety procedures. No matter how dangerous it looks, we  can clean them safely and effectively. 

Building engineers and property managers, home owners and renters, realtors and architects…

Specialised Window Cleaners is your answer!


  • Body Corporate Cleaning
  • Commercial
  • High Vacuum Cleaning
  • Residential
  • Retail
  • Solar Panel Cleaning

Regions we Work In

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